Origami is one of the most creative ways to transform a two dimensional design into a three dimensional object. Here, a technique in origami, called "pinching", is used to create a three dimensional element from a square sheet. The moment the design is made with metal, the technique used to make the design quickly transitions from origami to stressed skin. Here the metal is stressed enough to not break, but bend in a way that it will quickly revert back to its original form once the attachment, that is keeping the element in shape, is removed. That is why the  table is named "UN.BEND". 
The single design element is inspired by the dart shape from the concept of "Penrose Tiling". The material used is a 28 gauge aluminum sheet. Every 2ft by 2ft sheet is strategically manipulated and then fixed using a riveting machine. The rivet is the only thing holding the form together. Once it's removed, the sheet will come back to its original shape. 

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